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          A Level Government & Politics

          政治教科书已经过时他们发布的日子!这是因为这个问题每天都在变化。在刚刚过去的两年 - A Level课程的长度 - 出现了英国大选,英国投票决定离开欧盟,唐纳德·特朗普变成“通知的意见”在其头部,并成为‘主席’,伊曼纽尔长音符号在法国成立一个新政党,并在一个小一年多的时间里,成为共和国总统。


          All students in year 12 will take part during the first term in a visit to the Houses of Parliament. This includes a tour of the Palace of Westminster and a workshop activity in the Parliament Education centre. This fascinating trip gives a valuable insight in to the world of Westminster. If Parliament is in session students will have the opportunity to watch both debating chambers at work & will see many well-known political figures as they go about their work. If parliament isn’t in session students will be able to walk through both chambers and to consider the momentous events that have taken place where they stand. Full of interesting facts and anecdotes from the excellent guides, this trip is always enjoyed by the students. The ensuing workshop activity gets them involved in real debates; how they take place, and the importance of debate, scrutiny & law-making in the lives of all citizens.

          Prominent speakers who have visited the school in recent years include John Bercow, Michael Portillo, Douglas Carswell, Matthew Barzun (former US Ambassador to the UK), Peter Kellner (YouGov chairman & BBC election pundit), Baroness Tyler of Enfield.


          (Paper 1 & 2)
          秋1 - 核心政治思想:自由主义
          – Democracy & Participation
          - 非核心政治理念
          - 美国宪法
          秋季2 - 核心政治理念:
          - 总统
          - 美国民主和参与
          弹簧1 - 政党 - 英国选举和投票 - 美国民主和参与
          - 最高法院和公民权利
          春天2 - 投票行为和媒体
          - 宪法
          - 美国国会
          - 联邦制
          - 比较理论
          夏季1 - PM和内阁
          - 议会
          夏季2 - 议会
          - 机构之间的关系


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